The Man Who Doesn’t Think About Fear : Joaquin Goldstein Cabieses

Peanut Underground is proud to present the premiere US solo exhibition of Joaquin Goldstein Cabieses.
What are we afraid of? In The Man Who Doesn’t Think About Fear, Goldstein questions the values of a society that doesn’t learn from its mistakes, generating absurd fears and ignoring the truth. Desensitized and unviolated, the man who doesn’t think about fear is ironically pure.
The man who doesn’t think about fear is a man without a past and with an uncertain future. He is the anti-mirror, where nothing can be reflected. No one feels comfortable in his company. Because he doesn’t feel fear, this man is ignoring reality, a reality that vanishes in the same way as his own construction. 
Goldstein’s expressionistic paintings look back at the disillusionment of Goya, drawing inspiration from his series of engravings: “Los Caprichos” and the “Disasters of War,” which create a new way of thinking about contemporary society on the brink of WW3.
Joaquin Goldstein Cabieses is an interdisciplinary artist who lives in Buenos Aires and Lima. Through painting, mixed media installation and performance he presents a provocative and sarcastic critique of contemporary art. In 2009, he founded the art space and residency program Zona 30 at Plaza San Martin in the historic center of Lima. The mission of Zona 30 is threefold; to exhibit the creative process, to promote international collaboration, and to facilitate a progressive dialogue in the arts in Peru and Latin America. His work has been exhibited in Spain, Italy, Argentina, Peru and the United States.


85 Delancey St
New York, NY 10002


85 Delancey St
New York, NY 10002
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