Eleni Paridi ‘Quartz Intelligence :12 luminescent processions’

Eleni Paridi

‘Quartz Intelligence

12 luminescent processions’

October 18, 2023 - January 28, 2024

Mon - Fri 10 - 5 or by appointment


Artists Reception Friday November 17th, 6-8 pm. 


IFAC Arts @ The Yard

85 Delancey St., 2nd 3rd Floor

New York, NY 10002

646 863 1009



IFAC Arts presents “Quartz Intelligence: 12 luminescent processions,” a solo exhibition by Eleni Paridi.


Eleni Paridi's photography series constitute a visual anatomy of Clear Quartz Crystals which explores the mineral's forms, textures and internal structures as coloured light beams perfuse its transparencies. In a ritualistic process and without any digital manipulation, the artist captures the spectral images that emerge on the crystalline surfaces, revealing their hidden depths and mystical essence. This delicate interplay between light and darkness, between form and formlessness, illuminates the unseen and invites the viewers to see beyond the surface and explore their own inner world.


“To see ourselves we need a mirror and when we look at the mirror what do we see?

As the projective extension of one’s self defines the relationship between perception and reality, giving a personal dimension to what we actually consider as our own truth and understanding, mirroring ourselves on a surface generated by Quartz Intelligence, becomes a stimulus and an invitation to an internal journey towards unknown parts of our subconscious mind revealing hidden worlds and earthy whispers to the dare dreamers of an unexpected rain” -  Eleni Paridi


The art historian Alia Tsagkari states that "Eleni Paridi's work captures the voluptuous phantasmagoria of transcendental ecosystems enclosed in the crystalline structures. The proteanism of the emerging forms, permeated with the primordial elan vital of the mineral, entices the viewer to immerse into the composition and reflect their inner cosmos, re-discovering it. In this introspective procession at the quartz’s quintessence, the intelligence of the crystal redefines our relationship with the continuously expanding universe".


Born and raised in Athens, in a family of artists, Eleni Paridi studied Psychology and Business Administration. She worked as a graphic designer, art director, radio producer, journalist and music critic. Her profound interest in the human nature led her to explore different approaches to psychotherapy, including Psychodrama, Family Constellations, Art Therapy, as well as various methods of holistic energy treatments such as Reiki, Crystal healing and more. As a Reiki Master, Paridi has authored a book titled The Path of Reiki (2014, published in Greek), which provides an in-depth analysis of Reiki's philosophy. Moreover, her background in Psychology contributed to the writing of an allegorical script titled Where Do the Socks Go? (2016). Since 2017, she has been traversing the world of Clear Quartz Crystals through her photographic lens. Her work has been showcased in both solo and group exhibitions in Syros, Athens, Thessaloniki and New York City. Eleni Paridi lives and works between Athens and Syros island in Greece. 


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85 Delancey St
New York, NY 10002


85 Delancey St
New York, NY 10002
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