Dolphin vs Robots

Dolphin vs Robots at AC Institute
A robotic performance featuring Alice and Bob the VideoArtBots with discussion following on the installation and the future of Artificial Intelligence and their quest to define their identities beyond the assistance of their human creators. 
Dolphins vs Robots is a 40 minute immersive cinematic experience by the conceptual artist Lee Wells. A science fiction fairytale and evolving open narrative that investigates the absurdity and complexity of contemporary life with the aid of two custom video art projection droids who perform within a multi-channel audio-visual installation.
The units repurpose iRobot’s Roomba Create and other consumer electronic goods into a new design which potentially produces, in this way, new technical entities. As experimental artificial intelligence these beings - the droids - navigate and map an other worldly sonic environment. 
The installation becomes an experiment in remote viewing which aims at analyzing the perceptive exchange between the viewer and the droids themselves allowing for the presentation of new and original behavior.
Dolphins, humans, robots, and other creatures swim and float through the constructed virtual environment and the visitors add to the complexity of the evolving narrative.  As humans we tend to anthropomorphize other beings. The dolphins and robots on display exemplify this tendency in human psychology and hence, for the viewer, they can become a possible learning tool to re-evaluate our own perceptions and identity. 
Sound design in collaboration with DOA+ and Digiluv
Technical design in collaboration with Justin Wood 
Robotic design in collaboration with Alessandra Falbo 
Curated by Alessandra Falbo 
Sponsored by Darling Pearls & Co and IFAC Arts


85 Delancey St
New York, NY 10002


85 Delancey St
New York, NY 10002
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