CUTLOG : Sepration Anxiety Screening

Join us for a special screening of video art in the 
Separation Anxiety II : RELAPSE @ Cutlog New York
Organized by Lee Wells and Laura O'Reilly
Saturday May 9 - Screening : 4 - 5 pm
Artist Roundtable : 5 - 5:30pm
Johnathan Monaghan
Rainbow Narcosis 8:46
Joaquin Goldstein
Posthumous 8:20
Carla Gannis and Justin Petropoulos
</legend> </legend> 3:18
Evelyn Stermitz 
I Dont Love You Anymore 8:45
Marjan Moghaddam
Sometimes Up 3:43
Raymond Salvatore Harmon
Grayscape 3:38
Design for Dying Electronics, Pixel Ooze 1:45
Gregory Green
The Honorable Ambassador and Consultation Group Manager of the New Free State of Caroline delivers and address in the United Nations General Assembly Hall 3:18
Pierre Carrilero
Skype Me Tonight  3:44
Agni Zotis and Sparkl Dust
UNI 1:11
Rafaele Shirley
Barentsburg Swimmer 4:50
Second Front / Patrick Lichty
Occupy the Screen 5:58
Lee Wells
Collider 1.1.12 6:40


85 Delancey St
New York, NY 10002


85 Delancey St
New York, NY 10002
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